Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tularosa Vineyards

I knew it was getting close to harvest season on grapes. I wandered out to Tularosa Vineyards yesterday to talk to the owners, Dave and Chris Wickham.

Their vineyards and winery is located just north of Tularosa on the way to Carrizozo.

They have been making wine for twenty years in this area and are the best known of the local vintners. New Mexico has over 400 years of wine making history that dates back to the Conquistadors. The monks started planting and growing their own grapes to have wine because it was too hard to get shipments from Spain. The long hot days and high altitude make for concentrated flavor in the grapes. We really have ideal conditions for vineyards.

Tularosa Vineyards has several medals and ribbons for their varietals as well as their blends. Proprietors Red, Gewurztraminer, Cabernet and many others.

I hit the jackpot and they had just started the harvest that very day! These are Riesling grapes, usually the earliest to mature. Tularosa Vineyards harvests and buys grapes from other vineyards in the area that are smaller. There are quite a few people in the area with a few acres of vines.

The large bins are dumped into this beast to be juiced and the stems extracted.

Fresh grape juice!!!! From here it goes into the fermentation tanks and continues it's journey into wine.

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