Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Livestock, Square Dancing, Bingo and 100 posts

Today marks my 100th post! I did not know I would end up having as much fun as I have doing this blog! Thanks for all the feedback! I love the animals at the fair. This girl has decorated her lamb for the livestock auction. I imagine if I had been her I would have decorated just as much!
This pig needed a bit of encouragement..I liked the shamrocks and green glitter. I'm not quite sure what the cheez whiz in the back pocket is for, maybe to entice reticent animals.

The Basin Squares were out in force. I remember sitting at the Oddfellows hall as a child watching my parents square dance. They even taught us in school. I am sure they don't do that now!

The Noon Lions club runs the bingo at the fair each year and the boys were serious about winning something-anything!

Last but not least by any means, fair food! Kettle corn, teriyaki steak on a stick and funnel cakes!!

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