Monday, August 10, 2009

Old Road

We took a drive yesterday up to the Old Road. It is on the old road to Ruidoso, thus the name. This used to be Highway 70 and now is simply known as "the old road."
This is my favorite place for Red Chile enchiladas! It is off the beaten path for sure, no signs or even road names, but has a very loyal and steady clientele. When we got out we could just begin to feel the change in the air. It was the first time it felt and smelled like late summer. It was a promise almost, not tangible, but present none the less.

We went mid afternoon and I managed to get shot before more people came in. The building is on the reservation, and caters to many of the locals.

They upgraded menus awhile back, they were on boards- no matter, my favorite is still availible!
Bliss! - The bright red of the fresh chiles is the first indication of a great enchilada!


  1. Judge Henry Prelo used to own that restaurant but I don't know if it is still in his family or not.

  2. For those unfamiliar, the white on top of the enchilada is a fried egg. Very New Mexican. Jerri

    1. That is actually Crema (sour cream). They're known for this dish, but yes, we like eggs on our NM food as well.

  3. Went to church at St. Joseph's in Mescalero last weekend on the way to Cloudcroft. Cool experience.

    Might try this eatery next time in the area. Love enchiladas!