Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dog Canyon

Dog Canyon is about 9 miles south of Alamogordo off of Highway 54. This first photo is taken from the top of Dog Canyon road looking west back over the basin. The mountains that you see in the distance are on the far side of the basin about 100 miles away.

This is one of the native desert cacti. The ocotillo. It has orange-red blooms early summer then leaves into this green.

This is nearing the top of the road where Oliver Lee State park begins. You can see the cresote and mesquite as well as yucca and cacti. It is a good representation of our High Chihuahuan desert. I love the shapes of these particular mountains and how they are accented with shadows.

As you near the gap between the mountains, and enter the park, the road ends and off to the left is a stream that comes down from the mountains.

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  1. Dog canyon Rocks I remember when we lived in Alamo in the 80's we could hike up by the river or even in the little stream. The water was SO clear, unbelievable! it was magic!