Sunday, August 16, 2009

Otero County Fair

I love county fairs! I remember the anticipation when we were young. It wasn't like today with all of the theme parks, regular carnivals and video games. It was a HUGE once a year event for us. The fair hasn't changed, we have. We have grown numb to simple pleasures, it is nice to go back to a different time and I think with a county fair you can. We started our evening at the Wade building and the exihibits. .
Our parents always drug us through the exhibit hall first while we chomped at the bit to be out where the rides were.
I don't know that I have seen purple beans before. It was pretty neat! I think the garden produce is my favorite.

My friend Terri won this ribbon for a photograph of her grandson. I am very proud of her.
The flash is my fault! The exhibit halls have the garden produce, canning, quilting, all sorts of hand work-wood, metal etc., paintings, photographs. There is a large section with group booths also, the Forest Service, The Otero County Cowbelles, the Girl Scouts and many more.

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