Thursday, August 20, 2009

Little Green Addictions

Thats what my friend Jennifer calls them! Here are the little lovelies... All roasted and tucked into bags to take home. All of the grocery stores have the roasters out at this time of year, even Walmart. You buy by the gunny sack and they roast it for you.
It is a messy job after you get them home, they are still hot and they need to cool. The conventional wisdom is to freeze them unpeeled for a couple of reasons. One, they peel easier after they have been frozen, and two, it keeps the flavor better. I used to peel them first, so they would be ready when I defrosted them, but now I do not. I just de-stem and pull out most of the seeds before freezing.

Here is one of the beauties peeled and ready to eat! I LOVE green chile!!!

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