Thursday, August 13, 2009

Red or Green?

This sign is all we need to know- The official state question is "Red or Green?"
You can see the new crops are coming in by the mixed red and green chiles. The dark ones are the dried red chiles.

This little shop in Tularosa sells a variety of in-season fruits and vegetables as well as varying heats and styles of salsas. Enough to make a New Mexican's mouth water.

The ristras are the most common form of the strung together chiles, but circles and hearts also make their appearance. The ristras are mainly for storage of the chiles. You break off what you need for cooking. For the red enchilada sauce, the chiles are soaked to get the pulp.

What a beautiful sight. Not only are we gearing up for our next year stash, we know that fall is in sight.

I personally think the chile crop and the county fair are the harbingers of autumn.

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  1. I love green chilies too. My uncle at Lavander Springs always sends me home with a batch of fresh green chilies (I like to smoke them on the grill) and other hotter peppers. It was hard to get good ones in Houston. Just moved to Midland and they are a little easier to come by now.