Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Three Rivers Trading Post

This is the old trading post at Three Rivers. Three Rivers sits north of Tularosa on the way to Carrizozo. It looks like just a building-but what a history! It sits at the mouth of the road back up to the petroglyphs, the "river", the church, a ranch or two and beautiful camping areas.
Three Rivers was important during the Lincoln County War with the ranchers such as Susan McSween, Albert Fall and John Chisum. In a more current past, it was a bar in the 1970's and has been various retail stores. Well worth a day or weekend camping trip to scout out the area.
Old ranch house that sits on the West side of the Three Rivers trading post.


  1. I just remember it as a bar.
    What does that say about me?
    That I'm old? Or like an old elephant, I can find a far flung watering hole that I only visited a few times in my youth.

  2. The old ranch house was actually the house of the telegraph operator for Three Rivers, Frank Woodside. There was a line of houses up and past of railroad workers in the 1940s. My uncle, Eugene McKim learned to swim in that tank before enlisting in the Navy during WWII. His mother, my grandmother Freda Greenberg McKim taught school at the Three Rivers at the end of the dirt road and roomed with Susan McSween Barber. Lots of stories. Thanks for the pictures.

  3. We just returned from a two week vacation and can't stop talking about our time camping and how nice it was to stop in the store during a huge dust storm and get some amazing art.