Monday, September 28, 2009

The Whole Enchilada Fiesta

Yep, that time of year! Yesterday we went to watch the yearly making of the worlds largest enchilada. Las Cruces hosts the festival each year. It was a perfect day although I had spoken too soon and it is apparantly not fully fall yet. It was 92 degrees coming across the desert. Oh well, it made the shaved ice all the better!
The enchilada is made by Mr. Roberto Estrada owner of Robertos Mexican food. His staff works to help cook and assemble the 10.5 foot diameter enchilada. Check out how many men it takes to transport the tortilla from the fryer to the plate!
This is Mr. Roberto himself wielding the ladle of red chile sauce. It takes -
175 lbs of red chiles to create the 75 gallons of enchilada sauce, 750 lbs of corn for the masa to make the tortillas, 175 lbs of cheese and 50 pounds of onions. AMAZING!
Here a couple get their taste of the finished product! The fiesta goers all get to try the enchilada when it is done. The masa makes a thicker tortilla of course, but the rest is the same! Thanks to my sister for a couple of the photos!

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