Sunday, September 20, 2009

Champagne and Propane

We had a great weekend! There was alot going on and we did not make it to everything, but we did make it to White Sands this morning for the second day of the balloon fiesta. We got there in the pre-dawn light and the softly colored sunrise was just beginning to illuminate the sands.
We topped a dune and saw the crews beginning to unpack and lay out the balloons. We have had this festival for several years and 50 plus balloons attend. Half of them launch from around town and half from the sands on the first day and then they switch launch sites on the second day.

We got there about an hour before launch, and it was about 55 degrees outside, colder in the sands. Even in the heat of summer when it is over 100 degrees and brilliant sunshine beats down reflecting off the dunes, they are suprisingly cool just a few inches down.

The Wells Fargo balloon was the first to get up and going this morning. there were puddles in the flats of the dunes so they had to work around that. The kids all played on their saucers, sliding down the dunes.
The sun is now up and more balloons are being inflated. Albuquerque has their HUGE balloon fiesta next month, and we are very lucky to be able to host as many as we do and to have such a amazing setting.

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  1. Great pics, I like the one of the sunrise, it is so beautiful at the sands at sunrise and sunset;