Monday, September 14, 2009

Desert Foothills park

The top of First street dead ends into this park. It is kinda tucked away, but it has a nice walking trail and makes you feel miles from town.
Here is a view from the park to the south. The mountain image you are seeing is called "The Lady on the Mountain" by the locals. If you look at the highest peak-in the shadows, that is here head with her hair flowing back~ you can see her nose and chin, then down to her breast.

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  1. For those contemplating the walk, the trail is a nice wide asphalt path, with a gradual climb to the spillway. It's just a bit over a mile long, in a loop. There are port-a-johns at the entrance of the trail only. You have a beautiful westerly mountain view looking over the city and White Sands. The sunsets are gorgeous. There are quite a few benches to rest or just enjoy the desert surroundings. I love it!