Monday, September 21, 2009

Champagne and Propane II

The Giant Saguaro is up and going! It is so massive, it dwarfs the other balloons. There is a special shape that is a chile Ristra that is about the same size as this one. I didn't see that one this time. It shaped up into a beautiful day.
This shot shows my favorite one from a distance, Smokey Bear.

These were the last ones to get up and going. I feel like it is old friends when I see the same balloons year after year and pick out newcomers.

The witch and cactus travel together and are two very popular ones. I liked the reflections in the puddle and seeing how tiny people are in comparison to these balloons.
One last shot as they head out over the dunes. Another gorgeous day for an adventure. I missed the Tularosa Basin Wine Festival that was also going on the same weekend as well as the Golden Aspen Bike Rally in Ruidoso that brings in thousands of bikers.

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  1. You may not have the number of balloons we have up here in ABQ, but the setting is way beyond ours. Great pics.