Thursday, July 16, 2009

U.S. Citizen?

A familiar sight for us. This is the one coming into town from Las Cruces. There is another one on the El Paso road. It freaks out people that are not from around here. As often as most of us toddle off to Las Cruces or El Paso we don't think much about it.

If you look closely, you can see the White Sands on the far left of the photo. It was flat miserable yesterday heatwise. It was 104 coming across the basin and if we were standing still I am sure it would have been worse! The clouds are just teasing us and only gracing the mountains with rain. I am grateful for that much, at least they won't burn. Our "monsoon" season keeps getting pushed back. We have had 3 good rains, but none for a couple of weeks and hopefully we will see some this weekend. And thats another thing, we used to just call it the rains or the rainy season, now it is "monsoon."
This is a very common sight, a dust devil! As dry and dusty as it is they crop up all over. This one wasnt too large or organized, but I was still glad not to have to drive through it.

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  1. I remember those hot trips as a kid, with all the windows open. 55 gal. drums of water were along the road so people could fill their boiled out radiators. There was probably a whiny baby in the car too. :-)