Monday, July 20, 2009

Camp Mary White Revisited

Miss Mary's cabin off in the distance, you can just see the roof.
Old hand hewn horse trough in front of the lodge.

Mini donkeys having a snack in front of the lodge. They were quite willing to have their ears scratched. The camp is a treasure and should be saved. If you are interested in the preservation or were a camper, check out and see the great things they are doing to help.

We refer to this cabin as "Woody's Cabin" as she was a very influential camp director and this was the cabin she stayed in during her years at Camp Mary White. A fire came through seven years ago and came very close to destroying the camp. We are grateful to the Forest Service for saving it.

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  1. Oh WOW I went to Camp Mary White every year when I was a girl, in the 70's, under Woody's tenure!

    Thanks so much for including CMW! It was an enormous part of my childhood!