Friday, July 10, 2009

Pink Adobe

The Pink Adobe.... This building is on White Sands Blvd and is one of the most interesting buildings I see. It is a shame it is in such wretched condition and it seems with the addition of the orange barrels that they are planning on tearing it down. I have always heard that it was a brothel in the old days. When I was growing up it was various businesses and apartments. It has some gorgeous wood beams and accents in the inside. I hope if they tear it down that they salvage them, you cannot get wood like that anymore.

This is a separate building, but part of the complex. You can see several traditional southwestern elements here. First, the blue windows then to the right above the window you can see the vigas, and the curvy wall which is very common in adobes. Some of the older adobe home I have been into have walls a solid 2 feet thick, sure helps keep it cool in our desert heat!

This is the rear of the large front building. I think it is lovely with the curves and the balconies. It would make a beautiful painting.

Closer view in the courtyard area, also a traditional feature, note the leftover sign from a past business. Kinda funny considering the building's past.

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