Tuesday, April 13, 2010

San Augustin Pass

     Divide between Tularosa Basin to east and Jornada del Muerte to west, cut between Organ Mountains to south and San Augustin-San Andres Mountains to the North.  White gypsum Sands glisten to northeast.  Roadcuts in Tertiary mozonite.  Organ mines yielded copper, lead, silver, gold, zinc and flourite.  Elevation 5,710 feet.
This Marker is at the peak of the pass, Jornada Del Muerte was named by the Conquistadors, aptly.
It means Journey of Death.  The route was arduous to say the least for the early settlers.  This pass also played a part in the Civil War with Canby and Sibly.
This is also at the top of the pass.  You can see White Sands Missle Range off to the right.  Distances are deceiving in the desert.  Things that look a few miles off are often fifty or more.  Most especially at night, you will see the lights of the town and think you are close.  You aren't.

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