Friday, April 9, 2010

Painted Water Tanks

I'm back!  We drove around last weekend and ended up in Las Cruces.  I know it isn't technically in the Tularosa Basin, but you can see the mountain boundary of the basin in the background.
I love that Las Cruces has painted their water tanks and decided it was a great day to document the ones I know about.  There might be more, I just took photos of the ones I knew about.
I had to start with this one as I am an Aggie!
This was the first one painted, I remember it as a kid.  It depects the Spanish settlers of the area, with the conquistadors and the monks.  Simple and striking.
This one is neat as you can see the reflections in the water,  This is the one for the farmers and ranchers.
Of course, we had to have a nod to the cowboys.  Maybe it is a miner.  I like to think it might be Frenchy coming into town from his cave in the nearby mountains.

Last one on the way out of town!

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