Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cloudcroft Train

I got ahold of some great old photos and had to post them.  I love railroads!  This is the Mexican Canyon Trestle.  I met a gentleman last year that was a volunteer at the Malpais and we got to talking about trains.  He told me that he rode this train as a child.  His father was an engineer and they would run logs down to Alamogordo every day.  What a great history.

This is the train depot in Cloudcroft.  I love the attire.  It looks like an outdoor pavillion. 

Another colorized view of the same area.
I have a post of the trestle as it looks today.  It hasn't changed much.

This one is labeled The Toboggan Road.  It seems to be a photo of the back side of the train station.  I am sure you could still find it.  The name sounds familiar to me.


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