Saturday, March 21, 2009

White Sands

I figured I'd put White Sands in here early on because it is such an obvious attraction for the area. It is pure white gypsum dunes and no matter how hot it is, the sand, once you dig down a bit it is cool. It is the full moon nights during the summer that are the best, when they leave the park open and you are guided by the glow of the moon that illuminates the dunes. It becomes silent and otherworldly. There is a ghost story associated with White Sands that at dusk when there is a breeze you see a bride in her gown searching for her betrothed who had been lost at the white sands. Her long gown swirling with the sand as she searches for eternity... Her name is Plava Blanca and her story goes back to the Conquistadors. The park rangers give great talks out on the dunes. Bring a blanket, some munchies, sun screen, sled/saucers for sliding down the dunes and WATER. A local gent owns a camel (yes camel) and goes to White Sands to walks his camel daily. Stay until dusk when the dunes change from brilliant white to pinks, purples and oranges.


  1. Brings back memories. Here's a pic of me at WS (1960).. I'm on the hill.

  2. Went on s road trip with my grandparents from California to New Mexico back in 1980

    We went to the White Sands ..

    Good times