Thursday, March 19, 2009


Welcome from 32.90 N 105.96 W! The name of this blog comes from the geological area of New Mexico where I live called the Tularosa Basin. It is a true basin with no outlet for water and we are surrounded by the Sacramento mountains to the east, the San Andres and Oscura mountains to the West, the Chupadura Mesa to the north and the Franklin and Hueco mountains to the south. Most people have heard of Santa Fe, Taos, Albuquerque and not much else. (aside from the Roswell Aliens) I hope to bring you bits about the area, things about home, things that catch my eye, things that I am interested in and anything that someone would like me to check out. I enjoy the forgotten and the obscure, things that have been around so long that no one sees them any more. This is a photo I took today of the old water tower on the west side of town. There are odds and ends left to hint of a distant past and humble beginnings. Sometimes when things seem mundane and boring you have to look beyond the chain stores.

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