Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rock Fountain

This is an old rock fountain on the main road through town, Hwy 54/70. It worked when I was a kid-Ok I admit the late 60's? Anyway, it stands, mostly ignored. If you take a closer look...

There is a myriad of wonderful stones imbedded in the old fountain. Petrified wood, chunks of green that may be Trinitite, geodes and brilliantly colored rocks of all sorts. If you are driving through Alamogordo, take a look. The building where it is located was an old motel in the 1930's I am told. It morphed into several businesses and parts of it were torn down. My earliest memory of it was a bunch of shops, one a hippie sandal store. More of it was torn down until only one side of the u U-shaped building remained. It was a post office, a leather store and yes, a rock shop. It currently houses a real estate company and alteration shop.

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