Sunday, March 29, 2009


I found my self alone for the whole day today! I rarely have a free day, so I called my sister and we decided to drive up Laborcita Canyon. Up past Burro Flats we encountered a sign that intrigued us.

A bit further we saw the second sign. On a whim we stopped and discovered a great new little place! They had just opened last weekend. Luckily for us we had not had breakfast. It is VERY off the beaten path. They explained that they opened to serve the canyon residents and were going to put in a small store also. We were treated to gourmet coffee ( a rare find indeed in these parts) and a plate of fresh fruit while we examined the menu. After deciding upon a veggie omelet and biscuits with gravy, we took a look around..

What strikes you first in the small mobile home turned restaurant is the amazing tables!
(see Jennifer at one) The owner told us that they had discovered them in a shop in Hondo. The man made them from teak trees that had been blown over from the Tsunami in Indonesia. They are beautiful thick slices of a rich red. The staff was wonderful and while were there, the small dining area was full. The owners told us that it was their second weekend open and they had not advertized yet . Word is echoing down the canyon and more people came in for lunch. They grilled the burgers out on the porch and it smelled wonderful. It was fun to discover and we will definitely be back!


  1. Absolutely the best restaurant we have been to since moving from Los Angeles. Our dinners, steak for my wife and halibut for me, are as good as most restaurants we are used to in the big city. Trying to find a decent restaurant in the Alamogordo area is almost impossible. If you do find something edible the first question from the server is red or green! The menu at Nuckleweed has something for everyone and can you believe a real ceasar salad without bottled dressing!

  2. you can visit their website at

  3. Hello I just found your jewel in the canyon and would love to come and enjoy a meal there. Please email me your hours, thank you janette saunders

  4. The Best restaurant in the Basin...amazing textures, flavours and aromas, handcrafted meals fresh fresh fresh....if you havent been, you are missing out!

  5. well first of all we drove 200 hundred miles out of our way to dine at this restaurant. it was claimed to be a fine dinning experience. oh my, my gourmet burger was tasteless and dry , no almost burnt my wifes chicken fried steak tasted like the old tough rooster that has seen better days. for this meal we spent 200 hundred miles and 65 dollars. upset for my wife i thought i could make it up to her, so we ordered some coconut layer cake, now thats gourmet. i think it would be fair to say the pastry chef has the right to brag, but the cook needs to go home!!!!

    1. Please call the owner, she is very upset to hear you were not satisfied with your meal. Please call Sharon Haymes at 575-434-0000, she promises to make it up to you.