Monday, December 14, 2009

Sierra, Sands, Starlight, Yucca

The old Sierra Theater.  It was in use all through my high school years, it had the large stage with the red velvet draping and curtains.  It had a balcony that we liked.  Once the mall opened and the multi-plex was invented these went dorment.  Not all bad, as we never got first run movies.  I think maybe Jaws or Star Wars, but not right away.....but sooner than most that we got to view. 
Now it is the Flickenger center for the performing arts.  They have many different types of entertainment and are a cause worth supporting!
This was the Sands theater, literally a couple of doors down and across the street from the Sierra.  It is much smaller and hasn't retained it's history.  I recently saw a row of the theater seats sitting out on the side of the building.  Sad.  It is a local broadcast station now.  At least it hasn't been torn down.  Besides these two we had two drive-in movie theaters, my favorites.  The one north of town was called the Yucca and the one west of town was called the Starlight and that is the one I remember going to as a child.  I remember having a station wagon full of brothers and sisters and brown grocery bags of popcorn that my mom made.  The movie I distinctly remember is the Henry Fonda and Lucy movie- Yours Mine and ours.  The Starlight stayed open much later than the Yucca as I also went to see movies throughout high school.  Now an empty lot...

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