Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Old Wooten New Mexico

     On highway 82 east of High Rolls and Mountain Park is Old Wooten.  I have no idea it's origin, but will try and find out what the history could be here.  I imagine it is railroads.  

Not much left, just this scattering of buildings, a business or two and perhaps a home tucked in the canyon.

If anyone knows more, please leave a comment!


  1. I think I remember Pam Wallace Knopp mentioning Wootens as relatives. I've slept since then so could be wrong, but it is worth asking.

  2. I hear Old Wooten was the last stop for water, before the train proceeded up to Cloudcroft. Old Wooten had a sawmill at one time. The first post office was located here in 1894, before moving to the area of High Rolls. The last photo of the building with the brick fireplace used to be the Mountain Park Steak House back in the 1970's. It was a nice little restaurant for people to come up and enjoy a good meal. The old farm across the road used to belong to Tony Lama, the boot maker. I hear he had a chicken business here back then. I also learned from the old timers that there was an ice cave in the mountains south of Old Wooten, which had ice year round. Folks would ride horseback in to this area and pack out the ice in large chunks for home use.

  3. Thanks for that information! I love learning things I did not know.

  4. Benjamin F. Wooten was my great Grandfather and lived in Wooten. It was named for him. His house was located to the east where the Poplar trees are or were. He supposedly was the first postmaster. The El Paso Times did a real good article back in the 1980's about him.

  5. The building with the fire place to the west, at one time was my grand fathers restaurant "Price's Steak house"
    early 1950's. I have a post card "50s" of it an a photo shot in the early 70's under a different name.