Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Moonrise over Alamogordo

First, let me apologise for the poor picture quality.  My camera is not one set up to take night time photos.  I also have been having lots of issues with it as of late.  I feel it is time for a new one.  This one that I take all of these with is just a little pocket Kodak camera that has done fine, but I think it is time to get one that is a bit better...That being said, this was a gorgeous full moon two nights ago.  After the freak storm last week, the weather has warmed back up to normal and is in the 70's during the day.  It was still warm as I stood there watching the moon come up.  I wished I could document it better, the glow that lights up the town and makes the mountains stand out in relief like they are cut from black construction paper.

I turned around to the west to see the sun setting at the same time. 

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