Tuesday, November 10, 2009

International Space Hall of Fame

As steeped as we are in space history, I guess it is about time I included the Space Hall.  It was a huge deal when it was built in the 1970's.  I remember the opening and the dedication.  They ran free buses for the town people to take them up and free admission so we could see it.  I have been waiting to try and get a photo at sunset when the copper windows blaze golden. 

This one includes the Imax theater and we are quite lucky to have an Imax in a small town like this.
They have a great website that is worth checking out. 

They have some static rocket and space displays outside the museum, and for those of you who can remember Ham, he is buried up here.

This is the view from the parking lot over-looking the town.  I know I have mentioned the summer concert series they hold here.  You couldn't ask for a more beautiful setting.

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  1. If you've never been to the Space Hall for a 9/11 ceremony, it's awesome! The way they shine the lights on the two outer columns, it resembles the twin towers. Brings tears to the eyes and chill bumps to your arms