Friday, October 2, 2009

Tunnel Vistas

About 7 miles from Alamogordo, on your way up hwy 82 to High Rolls and Cloudcroft, you will see the famous tunnel. I have always been amazed at the change of climate as you emerge on the other side. This side of the tunnel is still desert. When you emerge on the other side, it is a distinct difference. You know you are entering the mountains.
These next few photos are looking west from the tunnel. If you look, on top of this mountain is a cross.
Here you can see the bottom of Fresnal canyon and the green where water flows. In the distance, the White Sands, and beyond that, the mountains on the far side of the basin.
Here is another one where you can see the road cut into the mountain on the left. People that are not familiar with area see the White Sands in the distance and think it is water. I tell them we have beach, but alas, no water. On a clear day it seems you can see forever . The climb to Cloudcroft is steep and passes through six of the seven life zones of the United States: Arctic-alpine, Hudsonian, Canadian, Transition, Upper Sonoran and Lower Sonoran.

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