Friday, October 16, 2009

A River Runs Through It

Sister post: The trip from Albuquerque to the Tularosa Basin is different every time and for every traveler. As we came back on Monday, I enjoyed the subtle changes of color on the cottonwood trees by the river and the lone trees sprinkled along the road. While Albuquerque is a city whose character is shaped by the river that runs through it, most of New Mexico is defined by its lack of water. The green valley of the Rio Grande disappears and the desert and hills engulf the traveler headed east and south toward Alamogordo. This drive from San Antonio to Carrizozo is one of openness and solitude that I welcome. We had visitors from Wisconsin this week who had just made the same trip. Aaron had never been "west" before and found the scenery and lack of vegetation odd and perhaps a little unnerving. He was astounded by the appearance of "paradise" when he arrived at the oasis of La Luz in our Enchanted Basin.

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  1. Okay Autumn, you are never allowed to go on vacation again> I enjoyed the pics your sister put up but there just wasn't enough of them. So you are home now...get back to posting