Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Harvest


Autumn broke loose of the basin for a Seattle get-away, and big sister gets the honor of posting a blog or two while she's gone. We were headed to Albuquerque and taking some of the cornucopia of harvest time with us. I just thought the red of the suitcases went well with the pomegranates, tomatoes and peppers, so snapped a picture. What a bounty we've had this year in La Luz!
In Albuquerque the balloon fiesta was on, but it got cancelled today for wind. Too bad. Other than no hot air balloons in the sky, it was a perfect New Mexico fall day.


  1. The back of the car is so much neater than Amber's. And of course, we won't even mention Camille!

  2. How can that be, they are cut from the same cloth! But of course Camille has not had a car for a while...