Friday, May 29, 2009


View of Burro Street in Cloudcroft.

Cloudcroft New Mexico is a quaint village located about 19 miles above Alamogordo in the Sacramento mountains. It began as a place to harvest timber for the expanding railroad from Alamogordo, and it's name means pasture in the clouds. It became a vacation getaway from the heat. Year around residents are less than 1,00o. Alamogordo is at 4,200 feet above sea level, as you climb into the mountains towards Cloudcroft you almost 5,000 feet! Cloudcroft advertises itself as "9,000 feet above stress level." It will take a few posts to get it all in, but it is 20-30 degrees cooler than Alamogordo year around. It gets snow every year, some years enough to ski. Slow paced, you feel very removed from the basin as you explore. It is a must-see for this part of the country and if you live in Alamogordo, it is a mini vacation to spend an afternoon or weekend here. These photos are of some of the businesses in Cloudcroft. Highway 82 is the main road through the town, and then Burro is the shopping street.

One of the Coolest shops around!!!

Sacred Heart Catholic Church on Hwy 82

The sign explains it all :)

Good BBQ!

Cloudcroft mercantile. They have AWESOME homemade cinnamon rolls and fresh loaves of bread, cheddar green chile, cinnamon raisin, wheat, white, etc. Notice the stuffed bear on the front porch. The school mascot is the Bear so you will see them ALL over.

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  1. Had lunch in the Lodge this past sunday (3/6/11)..
    Cloudcroft is a really cool place to visit. Used to go there MANY years ago to play in the snow. We'd get all cold and then drive down to white sands and thaw out.