Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cloudcroft Trestle

Any talk of Cloudcroft or the area would not be complete without the Trestle. As we were founded to be a railroad town and Cloudcroft was founded for the timber, we have traces left of the past. The trestle a favorite photo op around the area, and is quite photogenic in all four seasons. There are faint scars of the old rail beds all through the mountains and ghost towns of memory only. This is one of the few visible reminders.
Standing facing East, I snapped the photo of the trestle, turning to face west, this view greets you. From this vantage, you can see across the entire basin and the mountains on the other side in the distance. If you look at the base of the far mountains, it looks like white low clouds. That is White Sands in the distance. From where I took the photo, it is probably 35 miles? The weather was in the low 70's yesterday up in the mountains and the high 90's in Alamo.


  1. Love the blog! Beautiful photography...some places I recognize and some I have never noticed, and I've been here nine years.

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