Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Sprung!

Desert Willow

Spring in the desert blooms are such a treat! The early blooms are beginning and I snapped some photos in the back yard yesterday. I also am posting an update on the strange tree. We had a late freeze and it froze the baby leaves. It has put out new branches. This is it's first foray into branching out and it has already grown 18 inches. The Mexican Elder has taken off this year also and grown new shoots about 6 feet into the air! (pecan tree looming behind it) As you can tell from the names, I have planted native desert plants and trees that can survive the intense sunlight. I have grown them all from seedlings taken from a friends yard where the sprout unbidden. I am quite proud of that . Most of the trees are 5 years this year (strange tree is 3), I planted them about the same time. The only one I don't know a pedigree for is the aforementioned strange tree. I should really give it a name. Like Fred. I love the blooms on the desert willow. They look like orchids.

Mexican Elder

Spanish Broom

Strange Tree.....

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