Thursday, July 15, 2010

Turtle 2

Well, look what was in the street.  Yep another turtle.  This one was by the truck this morning.  He is smaller than the other.  He looks like a two year old v. a 3 or 4 year old like the other.  He was quite active and insistant about being put down.  Maybe Speedy is a good name for this one.....
His markings are different on his shell.  The recent rains have brought them out.  I wouldn't want to see him squished in the street.  So...It looks as if we are becoming a turtle nursery.


  1. What did you name Turtle 1? I think Skipper was a sweet suggestion. Your Mom would be so pleased that you have helped these two so they didn't get squished. I find it fasinating that such simple creatures can have unique personalities.

  2. I think the first one needs to be Skip. He is more laid back. The smaller, new one needs to be Speedy. He is a pistol.