Friday, June 4, 2010

Washington Park without the swimming pool

I remember when the "new" pool was built, in the late 60s or maybe 1970, and now it's gone.  At the time the old Oregon pool was still open so Alamogordo had two pools, the new one being a regulation length for swim meets.  We loved the balcony that was there originally.  This covered patio area that still stands was added on the east side of the pool years later.

Just being in the parking lot was faintly melancholy. 
Ghosts of memories floated by as I sat and contemplated the empty space.

Our odd little amphitheater is still there though.


  1. The old, old pool was open when we first moved to Alamo. It was accross the tracks at 10th, turn left and it was on the left side. I remember going past it after it was drained.

    At that time the Oregon pool was the "new" pool. It had a 3 meter board which was later shortened because the pool wasn't deep enough.


  2. Ooopss. turn rigt after crossing the tracks....

  3. I was thinking of the old (across the tracks) pool the other day and trying to remember where it was. I think you were correct with thinking it was left off 10th (south), but I can't tell now where it was.