Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Alamogordo Senior High School

Well guys this photo of the school has remained unchanged for about 40 years...
I think a class in the 1970's bought the "tiger".

Alot remains and yet I do not recognize the school when I go in.
The back entrance off of First st. to the student parking.
This is from my year...
I drove by the mid-high also remembering the girls gym and the boys gym...


  1. Do they still have the boys wear black gowns and the girls wear gold gowns for graduation? I hated that. Mom made me get a pastel yellow dress for graduation so it wouldn't show through and it was the ugliest thing you ever saw. Jerri

  2. The Tiger in front of Alamogordo High was bought by the class of 1968 - the last class in the old High School. Seems it cost $800 and we voted it down but after school was out there was a recount and a purchase with our student funds. We are having a 1968 reunion this year the middle of September. Lots of stories, eh? Thanks for the pictures.

  3. This tiger statue was donated to Alamogordo High School by the class of 1969.

  4. Alamogordo High School unveiled it's newest addition, a bronze tiger statue donated by the AHS student councils of 2015 and 2016.