Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Balloons close-up

I see most of these balloons each year and have pet names for them now...
This one I call the Purina Balloon.  Balloonist chow, champagne and propane.
Close-ups and under-shots...

 This one reminds me of the old NBC (I am corrected)  logo of the peacock that used to fan its feathers.
If you haven't been up in one, the baskets are sturdier than they look.


  1. NBC was the peacock network. That balloon does make me think of that logo. How many balloons were at this year's event?

  2. I think about 50? Quite a bit down from last year. Smokey Bear was the only special shape balloon that I saw this year. I think there must have been another event the same weekend. As for the logo, I was taking a wild guess....I didn't have a TV in the house growing up during the years of the logo so I had a sketchy memory ...