Thursday, April 9, 2009

Alamogordo Founders Park

A few years ago Alamogordo put in a founders park. There are some lovely bronzes and a spectacular painting done by a well known local artist, Ernie Lee Miller. She creates amazing portraits of people and of life as it used to be in the area.

Alamogordo was founded in 1898 as a railroad stop by The Eddys and W. Hawkins.

This is the door of the safe from the old El Paso and North Eastern railroad office.

Wendell Chino was the Chief of the Mescalero Apache tribe for many years. The Mescalero Apaches are located between Tularosa and Ruidoso New Mexico and run the Inn of the Mountain Gods.

This plaque commerates the Buffalo Soldiers that served in the area in the 24th and 25th infantry and the 9th and 10th cavalry. This bronze was done by Jimmy Belmont. This is Lacy Simms. He was a very popular figure here and I remember him as a child also. He was a pastor and had lost both hands in a farm accident when he was about four years old. I can see him in my mind, walking down the street, wearing a black suit.

Last picture for me, but not all of the sculptures. Oliver Lee. He once controlled all of the water rights from here to Sacramento Ca. His story is varied and it depends on who you talk to, but he certainly personified the old west. He was embroiled in the whole Lincoln County War.

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